Step-By-Step Guide to Twitter Chats

I have a fellow blogger friend who hasn't quite grasped the concept of Twitter chats yet. So I thought, why not do a blog post on it? Maybe others are struggling as well...I hope that this posts helps you figure out just what a Twitter chat is and how it is beneficial to you and your blog! 

There are several Twitter chats that happen often throughout the week and you will want to follow each of them so you know when! Just to name a few for you: @BloggingOwls @Blogsdoitbetter @fashbeautylife @LbloggersChat 

In order to join the chat, remember I mentioned following these Twitter accounts, but you will also want to use the hashtag at the end of your Tweet. (As seen in the example above). This is how you will know it will show up on the Twitter feed of that chat. 

Your chat host will ask a question, as shown above, and then you can respond by saying "A1: xyz #bdib" Or "xyz #bdib". I've been dropping the A1 lately as it takes up too many characters! 

After the chat is over this is when the networking really begins! You will want to send out the links to your Bloglovin, Blog, Instagram, whatever you prefer! I have seen an increase in followers and traffic to my blog because of Twitter chats. I hope that you do too! 

A few Twitter accounts that will re-tweet (RT) your tweets as well are: @Lblogger_RT @BBlogRT @FemaleBloggerRT

At the end of my tweets I also always use hashtags that will get me noticed in different sectors of Twitter. Such can be #lbloggers #crazybloggers #blogginggals #bbloggers #usbloggers #ukbloggers. Things like this will get you noticed quite a bit more on Twitter! 

I have also found the perfect Twitter chat calendar at XOMISSE.  She does month by month updates of the different chats going on for bloggers - so you will want to check that out! :) 

I hope that this post has been beneficial and you see the significance to Twitter chats as a blogger. These are all my own photos so shout out to the bloggers who are featured in them! 

Comment below with your own tips to Twitter chats or if you have seen a difference in your traffic or Twitter following!