Your Guide to Carry-On Essentials

If you are anything like me then you know that being comfortable on a flight is everything

  • You can never dress "too comfortable" for a flight. Major props to those people who were straight up pajamas on a flight, because we all know you are the MOST comfortable person on this plane. 
  • I kept a journal with me when I went to the Dominican and I imagine I will do the same when I go to London. It's just always good to write down your experiences and what you are feeling at that time. Reflect on that once you get to your destination and after your trip. 
  • I keep Germ-X with me everywhere I go. People are always sneezing and coughing so you never know what could be going around -especially in airports-. I would suggest grabbing a few bottles of these and keeping them on hand! 
  • I haven't bought one of these yet but before I leave for London I am buying a neck rest. It is essential! I had such trouble sleeping on my flight because I couldn't get comfortable and I hate to break it to you - but the window of an airplane is the most uncomfortable thing.
  •  Snacks! My favorite thing in the WORLD to bring on a flight. I definitely am not a fan of airplane food and so Nature Valley granola bars were my best friend. 
  • If your plane has Wi-Fi once you hit a certain level in the air - use it! I would have loved for ours to work on the flight so I could tell my family where I was exactly but it would never connect properly.
  • Headphones! I had a crying baby on my flight and so I just plugged in my headphones and tuned out! You never know what to expect on a flight so it's just a good idea to always be prepared.
These are just some of my personal items that I like to take on flights. What are yours? What is a MUST HAVE item that you take in your carry-on? Let me know in the comments below! 

Bon Voyage!