The Details

I love doing "The Details" post. It's one of my favorites because it's one where I can really show you what is going on in my life and what I'm loving at the moment! 

1. This outfit from Forever21 is on my list of must haves. I am obsessed with the gladiator sandals and the flowy top that goes with it. So much fun! Can't wait for summer to be here.

2. I bought the 5K app, which I never do, but I want to be specific and train for eight weeks. I also want to work my way up to a 10K and I can upgrade this app to do so. It's been my favorite so far and is really easy to navigate.

3. My eno hammock is magical. I'm on spring break right now - so going and just hanging out outside has been amazing. I highly recommend it, especially if you are the outdoorsy type. You can purchase your very own from their website

4. The new show Secrets & Lies on ABC is my new favorite. First of all, Ryan Phillippe is hot. Second of all, it's a mind twister - which I love! You should check it out if either of those things interest you :).

5. HOUSE OF CARDS. OH MY GOSHHHHH. Since I am on spring break I have been catching up because everyone is obsessed with Season 3. So I'm doing so now and wow. It is AMAZING. If you don't watch it you definitely should check it out. It's a Netflix original which is great! 

I hope you enjoyed what I'm loving at the moment. What are you into right now? Any TV Shows I should check out? Leave them in the comments below!