The Details

So this is the second round of "The Details" and I'm loving sharing this with you all! We'll go into the details below! 

  1. Iced Coffee. Can you live without coffee? I sure can't. It's like I need it for my daily survival. I've had an extremely rough two weeks with school and my internship so coffee has been my lifeline! What about you? What's yours?
  2. Foxes! For some reason I have an unhealthy obsession with anything that has a fox on it. You can find these cute mugs here 
  3. London! I keep dreaming about London. The fact that I will be across the pond is terrifying yet exciting!! I can't wait. Is there anything I should do while I'm there? What's your favorite thing about London? 
  4. The 50 Shades soundtrack. I know, I know, I posted this last time but it's so good! I can't get over how amazing this soundtrack actually is. I don't know when I will ever get sick of The Weeknd's songs! 
This is a pretty short list but I have been wanting to blog all week and haven't had the time! This is the perfect thing to share with you that won't take up too much of your time :). 

What are some favorite things in your life right now? Have you seen fifty shades, if so what did you think about it? The soundtrack? (because clearly I'm obsessed). The comment section is below! Please be sure to share your responses, I'd love to hear what you all think and what's going on!