10 Doable Weekend Trips from London

If you live in London, you know how central it is in terms of flying to surrounding countries for a weekend trip or long-term. I remember several times that my flatmates and I did a searches on Skyscanner to see where we could go next and always found the best deals.

That's the great thing about London, you can always find cheap flights to somewhere else if you are looking to get away for the weekend. So, I've compiled a list of 10 doable weekend trips from London that I've personally done (minus Spain)! 

Without further ado... 

1. France

Paris, France

France is somewhere that I am dying to go back and explore more of because my time there just wasn't enough. I was only able to visit Paris and there are so many other beautiful cities and towns to see in France. 

I just did a search and found a $12 ticket from London to France - how can you beat that!? Honestly, France is probably one of the cheapest places to visit from London because of how close in proximity they are. If you are flexible in dates and just want to hop over for a weekend trip - France is completely doable. 

You can also take the EuroStar which can be a bit more expensive than flying, honestly, but it's also fairly quick and you don't have to deal with airports. 

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2. scotland


Scotland, oh, Scotland...I have such fond memories of Scotland and I can't recommend it enough to fellow travelers. If you are based in London, starting your travels in London or what have you - make Scotland a priority in 2017! You will WANT to see what this country has to offer because it's completely gorgeous. 

The main two airports, that I've flown into, are Edinburgh and Glasgow. I just found a $26 ticket from London to Edinburgh that can't be beat! I also found a $29 flight from London to Glasgow - whichever part of Scotland you are wanting to visit and explore these are the two major airports that you can fly into. Also, make note, that if you fly into Glasgow or Edinburgh or vise versa - you can then take a train over to either of the cities for a fairly reasonable price. So, if you find that one is cheaper to fly in and out of but you are wanting to visit the other - take a train! Or, better yet, rent a car! I've found tickets up to Scotland for £10 before, so make sure that you visit Scotland this year - cheap flights shouldn't be an issue! 

If you want to visit the northern part of Scotland, here are some options:
London to Aberdeen $68

London to Inverness $53

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3. ireland


When I say I've been to Ireland more times than I can count - it's true. I honestly forget, sometimes, how many times I've been to Ireland and which cities I've been to. Ireland holds a special, special place in my heart because it was the place I went for my first solo trip and just thinking about it makes me smile. 

Ireland is beautiful in more ways than one. The people, culture, food, scenery and more are enough to add it to your 2017 trip list! There is a $30 ticket from London to Dublin but I will tell you that I flew to Dublin, twice, for £10 - no joke! Granted, it was a one-way ticket but still! How AMAZING is that. That's a meal in the states! It's crazy. So, do yourself a favor and take a trip to Ireland for a weekend.

A few places to consider:

London to Cork, Ireland $30

London to Dublin, Ireland $31

London to Shannon, Ireland (Closest airport to Cliffs of Moher) $37

London to Belfast $29

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4. czech republic


The Czech Republic was one of my favorite places to visit. Prague was absolutely beautiful and offered so much to do in the time that we were there! From Thai Massages to the John Lennon Wall - there is something for everyone in Prague. While I took an overnight train from Krakow to Prague, you can fly from London for as cheap as $30. I'm telling you, it's so cheap and easy to travel within Europe when your base is London! 

Check out other cities that you can visit within the Czech Republic for as low as $25! 

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5. italy

Verona, Italy

Wouldn't you like to wake up on the Italian Rivera or have gelato every day for lunch? Yeah, I would too. You can though! If you are based in London, a ticket to Italy can be as cheap as $25. I remember one time my flatmate and I had no idea where we wanted to go, just somewhere, and so we used the Everywhere feature on Skyscanner and sure enough Milan, Italy was the cheapest! I just found a ticket for $25 to Milan - how can you beat that? Once we were there, we took the train over to Verona where Romeo & Juliet originated and it was amazing. This was all done in one weekend, so taking a weekend trip to Milan and even another city in Italy is completely doable. 

You could also fly to Rome, Pisa, Venice and more for less than $50! 

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6. switzerland


Listen, I understand that Switzerland is expensive and it will probably break your bank if you go for a weekend BUT to fly to Basel is only $18 from London  and that should free up some money for other things! You can also take the train over to Lauterbrunnen and see more of the beautiful Swiss alps! 

You could also fly to Geneva or Zurich for less than $65. So, while it is one of the more expensive places to visit on the list, how can you beat the views in the above picture? It's an unbelievable place to visit and I absolutely fell in love with it while I was there. One of my goals is to go back and do a road trip through Switzerland because of the amazing views! 


7. The Netherlands


The windmills, pancakes, frites, canals, tulips and more should make the Netherlands a MUST SEE in 2017! For as low as $30, you can visit this beautiful country and see all that it has to offer. While Amsterdam is a little more expensive, at $63, it's still a must-see and a great experience. 

It's also a really great weekend trip! When I went to Amsterdam, we only spent 48 hours there and while I obviously thought it wasn't enough - we saw quite a bit while we were there so it is a doable weekend trip. 

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8. Belgium


Belgium also holds a special place in my heart because it was the first country, outside of England, that I visited after moving abroad. We rode the Oui Bus into Brussels and then took the train to Brugge (which I highly, highly recommend) and then back to Brussels. I think we spent a total of 36 hours in Belgium but it was such a great break! 

Now, Belgium is a little more expensive to fly to at $99 but you can take the OuiBus for as low as £20 so that's also an option.

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9. Germany


Germany has to be one of the cheapest countries to visit from London. You can fly to Cologne for as little as $18 and Berlin from $30 - great deals! 

I took a train from Amsterdam to Berlin and then another train from Berlin to Heidelberg - so I haven't flown into Germany before but I do know several people who took advantage of the great flight deals there. Berlin is an easy weekend trip for sure. 

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10. spain


I'm sad that I never got the chance to go to Spain myself but fear not, because I will make it there one day! I almost bought a ticket to visit Mallorca but I didn't because I was working on my dissertation. However, flying to Spain from London can be so. cheap. 

There were quite a few options on Skyscanner for less than $40 so you can't beat that. If you are craving a sangria, dancing or nice beaches - Spain might just be the weekend break you need! 

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I put all of these places together to show you how CHEAP it is to take a weekend break or a holiday out of London. If you are traveling from the states, I would highly recommend to fly into London, make that your base and then fly everywhere else or take a train or bus like I've mentioned. You cannot beat the great flight deals and if you're like me and love airports - this shouldn't be an issue! 

Now, London is known for having quite a few airports and I've flown out of all of them I do believe - so just know where you're going, get there early and PRINT those documents that you need for the flight. Also, remember to have an adventure and enjoy the journey as much as the destination. It's such a good idea to take weekend breaks because it really broke up my weeks and gave me so much to look forward to. 

If you've noticed, I used Skyscanner quite a bit while I lived in Europe. They are my absolute go-to for cheap flight deals and getaways! It also helps to download the app so that you are able to check out deals on the go! 

I hope this list has helped you realize some places that you can visit from London. These are 10 absolutely doable weekend trips that I highly recommend for 2017! Get out, explore the world and have an adventure. 

Happy Travels,

Voyageur Kalee

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