Hikes in Glencoe, Lochan Scotland

Now that I am up in Scotland, I've taken full advantage of becoming a more "outdoorsy" person and have, since, been on several hikes. The latest one that I've completed is the Glencoe Lochan hike which is located in the village of Glencoe. I'd like to start detailing these trips for you so you can possibly do it for yourself and make the most of Scotland.

Distance: 2.5KM/ 1.5 Miles

Time: 1- 1.5 Hours

Ascent: 100M

To get more information on the paths, maps, locations and much more Walk Highlands is the best website for hikes around Scotland. 


The start to the hike is across this bridge at the end of the Glencoe Village. You get a nice picture of a waterfall and the prettiest mountains behind it. Definitely gorgeous on a misty or a sunny day. 


The walk from the entrance to the start of the hike is full of beautiful nature and has several natural waterfalls. That's one thing that is absolutely amazing about Scotland is just how many waterfalls there are. 


The walking trails vary in hardness ranging from very easy to tough. I chose, on the day that I went for the hike, to do the easy one which was just a flat loop around the loch and it was very beautiful. 

The Glencoe Lochan Trails website offers you a downloadable trail map as well as other helpful information. 


These views I can't even make up and they are so worth every minute of the walk. These are from the easy loop around the loch and trust me you will stop several times because it's so worth it.


Glencoe Gathering has THE BEST chips I've ever had. He wrapped them up so prettily and I had the prettiest view while eating them. If you are driving through Glencoe on your way to somewhere or stopping in for the hike - I suggest eating here! 

While I'm doing these day trips from Fort William, I never leave home without my daypack, camera, gopro, water bottle and trail snacks. 

The daypack that I use is similar to the one below that is foldable and super handy. Especially when you are traveling country to country and you can just fold it up and put it in your big backpack. 

This is the water bottle that I use because it is filtered and perfect! 

If you are in the Glencoe area - I would suggest these trails because they give you great views but are also doable within a few hours. I will be visiting Glencoe again to hike the Lost Valley & the Three Sisters so stay tuned for that. 

If you are curious about moving abroad or what you might learn - check out my last post "5 Things You Will Learn Living Abroad". I'm excited, however, to share more of my Scotland adventures with you because each place is something new. Stay tuned for my Glenfinnan trip to see the Viaduct & the Jacobite Memorial. 

Have you been to Glencoe before or Scotland? Would you recommend any other hikes around the area? Let us know in the comments below! 

Hikes in Glencoe, Lochan Scotland