10 Days in Europe Packing List

So, tomorrow I leave for a ten day trip with my best friend from home. We are heading to Ireland, Scotland and then back to England! I can't wait to show her around and since it was her first time coming abroad - I helped her a lot along the way with packing and such. It gave me the idea to create a packing list for those who get overwhelmed by the thought of packing for an international trip. Also, it is mostly for a carry on because obviously you would have more space if it was for a checked bag. 

I carry a Ventura, 40L backpack that I got from Mountain Warehouse and it's been perfect for all of my European adventures. I also use these packing cubes to help organize my backpack. For this trip, I'm using the biggest packing cube for my clothes but I have also put my fold up rain jacket, a pair of sandals and personal items in the cube. Once that is in the backpack, I have room for my toiletry bag, technology bag (which I use the small cube for) and my travel towel.  

For this trip, I'm taking more technology gadgets than I normally do on trips. I'm bringing my Nikon, GoPro and everything that goes with it i.e. chargers, accessories, etc. I also created an itinerary for our trip that I printed out for us to follow and use. 

That being said, the packing list below is a list of basic things that I bring on every, single trip. Obviously, depending on weather and such, your list may change ever so slightly but for the most part it will be similar to the list below. Also, trust me when I say that what I have listed is enough for ten days. I've actually taken a little less than that in the clothes department and will be fine. It's all about being able to mix and match your clothes. So if you bring staple items that can be paired with various things - you will be fine! Also, I wear ONE pair of shoes majority of the time and then I bring a dressier pair (i.e. sandals) for if we go out to a pub or I just want something different. 

I also bring snacks for trips like nutritional bars, nuts, beef jerky, etc. I also get motion sickness quite frequently when I'm traveling so I bring motion sickness medicine with me. So, as I mentioned previously, you may or may not use EVERYTHING that is listed but it is a basic, great list for anyone who is overwhelmed by the packing process. 

Please feel free to download the packing list below for your future travels and I hope it helps! 

Would you add anything to the list? What's your go-to item when traveling? Share in the comments below! 

10 Days in Europe Packing List