The Ultimate Bucket List Amsterdam

I had the time of my life in Amsterdam. It truly is an amazing city and for any of you that are planning to visit it - I've compiled an Ultimate Bucket List that is completely doable in 2-3 days and is super fun. I will touch on a few of the points and then you can download the bucket list at the end of the post for the rest! Find roundtrip flights from the USA to Amsterdam easily through Skyscanner. 



Amsterdam Canals

1. Rent a Bike

Amsterdam is famously known as being the 'biking capital of the world' and for good reason! I've never seen so many bikes in all of my life. There is even a lane particularly for bikes alone, so don't feel afraid because you don't have to ride on the road right next to cars most of the time. Even if you do, it's not scary - you have the right away so they just deal with it. Rent a bike in Amsterdam and explore the city that way. It'll be the best thing you do! 

2. Go on a Canal Ride

Amsterdam Canal

I had so much fun on our canal ride. It was about €20 which wasn't too bad for an hour and a half tour of the city. We went down several different canals and I think this just gives you a chance to see the city differently but also all the houseboats!! They are absolutely amazing and I took way too many pictures of them. 



3. Eat a Dutch Pancake

Dutch Pancake

Please do yourself a favor and order lots and lots of dutch pancakes because they are amazing. Also, frites are awesome as well. If you want to stop and get both - do it! You're in Amsterdam, anything goes (literally).









4. Anne Frank House

Anne Frank House

This is an experience you should be sure not to miss while you are in Amsterdam. I was completely in awe of the whole experience because it's daunting but it's also powerful. I remembered reading the book when I was in 5th grade and not really understanding the magnitude of what this family endured and then seeing it in person was unreal. Visit the Anne Frank House website to order your tickets WELL in advance. They are €9 for adults. 





Amsterdam is absolutely amazing and can be done in a weekend or longer if you'd like. It's definitely a city that I want to visit again because I feel like I didn't get to see everything that I wanted to. However, the bucket list that I've created for you below covers the highlights of Amsterdam! I hope you enjoy the city as much as I did! 

Have you ever been to Amsterdam? What was your favorite part of the experience? Can you recommend anything not on the list!?



The Ultimate Amsterdam Bucket List