Monday Musings

I feel like it’s been forever since I sat down to write anything for my blog and for that I’m sorry! The past month has been a whirlwind and I can’t believe it’s already November, heck it’s almost Thanksgiving!! WHAT

I want to update you on all that has happened in the past month but I also want to start a new series entitled ‘Monday Musings’ so I can hold myself accountable to this blog & so I have a weekly update for you. So, every Monday I will post a new post that basically wraps up or summarizes what’s going on in my life currently, my favorite blog post of the week (travel or otherwise), an article I think you all should check out, my favorite travel product of the week and an Instagram I think you should follow. 

This way you are staying updated on my life but it will also be a source of information for the happenings around you as well. A lot of times we get into a habit where we only check out our favorite blogs or we only read this ONE source of news/information and I want to switch it up for you. See new things, read new blogs and find a new source of inspiration & entertainment. 

First things first, life lately: Life has been I N S A N E as of late. Not like I’m super, crazy busy or anything just like - time slow down? I decided to come home from Scotland earlier than I originally anticipated, for personal reasons, and I’m adjusting but I’m not? Daily I think about London, Scotland and Europe in generally. Daily I think about what life would have been like if I would have stayed and what I would be doing at that exact moment in time if I were over there. Daily I remember all the memories I had and the amazing people I met and interacted with. Daily I am reminded of what an amazing year I had and how I really never wanted it to end. 

Once I got back to the states, literally the next day, I road-tripped to Florida with my family for ‘Fall Break’. It was pretty nice and relaxing to be on the beach for a whole week, almost, and just spend time with my family. Something that happened while I was in Scotland was a break-up. Gasp! My boyfriend, of 9 years, and I broke up while I was in Scotland. Sometimes you have to do what is going to make you happy and what you know is best. That’s what I had to do. He is one of the most amazing guys I know and any girl is going to be lucky to have him one day - but I knew, deep down in my heart, that we were on two totally different paths in life and that our paths just didn’t collide. I think in order to last and succeed in a relationship you have to be on the same page about a lot of things and that's something we were lacking. It’s as if we were so comfortable and OK with just being OK that we weren’t progressing in the relationship anymore. We were at a standstill and part of that has to do with the fact that I up and moved to London for an entire year. However, I fully believe that the best decision was made and I wish him nothing but good luck and an abundance of happiness in his future. We grew up together and we will always be connected in that sense but it was just time to do our own thing and find our own paths. 


Therefore, fall break in Florida was necessary and amazing and after that I decided to take a road trip with my brother up to our hometown in Kentucky. It was another much needed break & get together with my best friend of almost 15 years (wow I sound old). It was also a really nice trip because Alabama is SO hot (which I’m not used to because Europe weather has actual seasons) and Kentucky felt like Autumn! It also had pretty colors/trees so I took full advantage of that and snapped the pictures below. 


Now that I’m back and I’ve spent my first week/weekend actually at home - I’m ancy to get out and get moving again. I’ve been applying for jobs like a crazy person and I’m just praying & hoping that something works out. At this point in my life I’m open to going anywhere that I’m lead and will embrace a new adventure with open arms. I’ve been having the thought of taking a spur the moment trip up to New York but I’m still toying with that idea. I’ve actually never been to the city or experienced all it’s greatness so it would be nice to do that while I’m not tied down to a job. 

So that’s basically life right now. It’s a little crazy and a little bittersweet to be in this in-between period, but I know that good things are in store for me and I’m excited to see what happens. 

Secondly, my favorite travel product of the week is a drone - specifically the DJI Phantom 3. I don’t personally have a drone, yet, but I am dying to get one so I can take amazing videos/photos like the ones below. I think it’s the coolest thing to be able to fly something above the sky and see things from an aerial perspective without being in an airplane or helicopter. It also adds something to vlogs/youtube videos if that’s your thing. I love watching travel videos that have aerial shots with drones. 

You can purchase a drone and all the accessories here for only $379! 

Two of my FAVORITE shots via a drone are below. Follow these guys on Instagram, you won't regret it - I promise. 

Thirdly, my favorite Instagram of the week is @clickandwander



Allison Blair is a wedding filmmaker, along with her husband, and has a stunning Instagram feed! I stumbled upon her Instagram one day when I was looking at the #vermont hashtag and was instantly hooked. Follow along on all her adventures! 

Fourth, my favorite blog post of the week comes from Julia Hengel at Gal Meets Glam. She’s one of the bloggers I’ve been following ever since I got Instagram and I’ve watched her grow into this amazing blogger! Her Instagram is always so visually stunning and it’s been fun to go on this adventure with her blog. Truth be told, she’s one of the reasons I got into blogging in the first place. While I’m not a fashion blogger, by any means, her blog has always inspired me and so I’d love to share hers with you! 

I must have a thing for Vermont but let’s be honest, it’s so pretty during the fall season! Here is Julia’s post on Woodstock, Vermont! I hope you enjoy it, and her blog, as much as I do! 



Fifth, is an article I believe everyone should read this week. This bucket list, compiled by Travel and Leisure, is one you should definitely read! Maybe it will inspire you to book a flight and finally check some destinations off of your list & explore a little. Places like Lapland, Norway and New Zealand are just a few places on the list. Check out the full article & start making your list! 


What's GOOD in your life this week? What's your Instagram so that we can be social? HOW was your weekend & what's something awesome you've read lately? TELL US in the comments below! 


Monday Musings