Monday Musings: Week 2


Firstly - I have no REAL LIFE updates except that I skipped out on Monday Musings last week. I have no idea why, I just did. However, I’m back this week and sharing some great information with you! I’m also headed to visit my best friend in Ohio tomorrow morning and I’m stoked for that! IF you have any recommendations of things to do in Cleveland or the Toledo area - please let me know! 

Secondly, my favorite travel product of the week is my 40L backpack. I bought my backpack while I was in London at Mountain Warehouse - who I SWEAR by because they’re awesome - and it has gotten me through so many trips. I went on a 10 day trip back in February and then a 2 week trip in March and the backpack was perfect! It’s just the right size so it fits on Ryanair and EasyJet as a carry on. I also normally add a medium packing cube in it as well as my toiletry bag. Everything else is my technology such as camera, laptop (sometimes) and everything else. 

If you are looking at backpacking Europe and don’t really want a hefty backpack that you have to check in - I would definitely recommend a 40L one such as this one! Normally they are anywhere between $30-60! Such a steal! 

Thirdly, my favorite Instagram of the week is @cabinfolk

Cabin Folk Instagram

I decided to change my Instagram theme from bright & colorful to a more moody theme. Since doing that, I’ve been finding more and more Instagram accounts like that and I’ve fallen in love with Cabin Folk’s Instagram! It’s daily posts of cabins all across the USA (I’m guessing). It honestly makes you want to go out into the middle of the woods, rent a cabin & live a simple life. Every cabin has such character and personality. I highly recommend checking out their Instagram for cabin inspiration!  

Fourth, one of my favorite blog post of the week comes from Katy over at Little Miss Katy. I’ve been following Katy for a while now on both Twitter and Instagram. She’s grown so much in the past year and it’s been exciting following her progress! She recently wrote a blog post on How to Create a Perfect Instagram Theme and it was awesome! It was so helpful and it really makes you rethink your Instagram and what you want your theme to be exactly. Head over to her blog and check it now if you are lacking in Instagram inspiration! 

Also follow her on Instagram - lovely, lovely feed! 

Fifth, is an article I believe everyone should read this week! 50 Reasons to #LoveTheWorld is an article I read on BBC Travel. With all the negativity going on in the world today, I figured a little positivity and reasons to love this beautiful world is something everyone should read! What’s the reason you #LoveTheWorld? Share it with us & a picture below!! 

Next up I'm going to be sharing A Guide to Paris! In case you missed it though, check out my top Female Solo Travel Tips AND My London Christmas Guide! If you are traveling solo and ironically in London at Christmas time, these will both be of use to you. 

*I've also included a downloadable WANDERLUST print for either your phone or desktop! 

What's happened in your week? Any Instagram's or blog posts you recommend? Share below! 


Monday Musings
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